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Rising to a Higher Level of Care

Our Company

At the zenith or pinnacle of health care service providers, there is a new star. Altitude Health Services has rapidly matured as one of the leading health care service providers in the industry. At the front end of our contributions are our contemporary outlook and the fresh, innovative practices that infuse our organization with a sense of vitality and passion for those we serve. A careful selection process that provides the foundation for a winning model is at the core of the conceptualization process. Our judicious evaluation of the value added opportunities, yield us the advantage in an ever changing health care climate.

The name “Altitude” comes from a child’s love of airplanes and has blossomed into the theme for flying to the highest heights in the service of our health care participants. We employ the same family values in our efforts to evolve our organization into a premier health services provider. Our customers know we are serious about flying above the rest of the crowd and transporting our residents to the comfort and care that only comes from the reliable interactions with a trusted clinical care professional.

Our current portfolio includes six properties in three different states and opportunities are advancing. We apply standard revitalization techniques to evolve each property with a maximum of comforts and amenities at a modicum of expense. Our facility constellations are skillfully crafted to create a welcoming environment, where family and friends will want to frequent and residents will feel the cordial comforts of a community living center. Each venture is developed with unique activity and entertainment programs to elevate the satisfactions of a modern household.

Extending our emphasis on community, we believe that people get the jobs done. We invest in our people and encourage their growth and as a result we continue to build and realize innovative teams of professionals to carry out our vision of a higher level of care. Our home office has access to a field of prospects from a large metropolitan area and we seek out those who have the unique skills that will serve our mission. Our diverse workforce in turn endeavors to train, develop and consult with our resident (regional facility) staff in each facility.

As a newer company, we are able to utilize newer technologies to enhance our quality of care and provide efficiencies. We use state of the art software and web based applications to interact with our clinical care experts and increase the timeliness of our financial billing and payment systems. In addition, we make use of newer scanning technologies for accurate tracking of receipts and records management purposes.

Out of a deep concern for our residents and staff we are compelled to constantly grow and evolve in ways that improve and enhance the way that we do business. Our communications model is based on five concepts that we feel encapsulate the best possible attitude we can have and the highest aspirations we may achieve towards a higher level of care. The five concepts of Creating, Compassion, Commitment, Community and Compliance, are a highly developed attributes of our culture.

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The 5 C’s
    At Altitude Health Services, we look for value added opportunities and turn them into the generation of a new path to a better future. We look to foster an atmosphere of style and comfort with each new acquisition that we make. Our friendly professionals spare no detail in re-energizing each facility with a fresh, new, contemporary look. In each and every new renovation project we look to infuse each new environment with the feeling of being home. In addition to the look and feel of our centers, we look to provide our residents and staff with a safe and secure building and to install state of the art technologies.
    Our compassionate care has been the model for our success. We look to create and develop facilities that our own families might enjoy. We develop our staff to extend the hand of compassionate care to all our residents. We believe that the highest level of care is not only within our ability to provide, but is the right of all those who seek rehabilitative and nursing care. When we offer a nurturing and careful approach to our residents and staff, we feel we are fulfilling our mission to build and serve communities.
    At Altitude Health Services we are committed to a higher level of care. Our extraordinary growth is due in part, to our ability to deliver on our assurance to exceed the expectations of those we serve. We believe that our reputation as preeminent care provider is based on our determination to deliver the quality care that our residents and staff deserve. Our pledge to higher level of care compels us to hire experts who can train and develop staff across states and boundaries to work in concert to achieve our goals.
    We strive at Altitude Health Services to build partnerships and relationships that produce results and rewards within a community. Our presence in every state, city or municipality constitutes our warm regard for working together to achieve a vision. The vision of forging, expanding and sharing in a community wide partnership is what Altitude’s is all about. Each time we bring a new resident a place to call their own, each time a new facility is visited by family and friends, we build a community. Like a love song to our families, we carry the hope of a constellation of stars.
    We structure our internal controls to ensure efficiency in leveraging our skills and assets while achieving full regulatory compliance and best practice within the health care industry. Our model affords us seamless integration of updates and changes to our processes and procedures without interruption to the transmission of our care. We offer competitive economics and foster controlled financing modules in all aspects of our business operations.