2201 Main St.
Evanston, IL 60202

Rising to a Higher Level of Care

Our Mission

Our mission is to create state of the art, comprehensive clinical facilities which provide a higher level of quality caring. We continually strive to maintain the industry’s highest level of support techniques and consulting practices at our home office and at each of the facilities in our portfolio.

Established in November 2011, Altitudes Health Services has quickly ascended to a prominent place in the health services industry. We acquire, develop and provide various support services to our facilities out of our home office located in Evanston, IL.

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Generating a new path to a better future

Our concern for our staff and residents is grounded in the principles of community, partnership and relationship building. We are propelled to operate in an assertive, team oriented atmosphere, where a diversity of thought and action produce the highest results.

Altitude Health Services uses traditional as well as innovative value added methods to establish, develop and enhance clinical care, financial, legal, compliance, property management and a host of other services.
Our focus is on developing strong bonded relationships and partnerships that can step into the opportunities for growth and expansion within the diverse environments in which we business activities flourish.